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We are diversity friendly!

At Bamboo My Baby, we support diversity and inclusivity. Not every child or family look the same way and we support it!

Let Me Answer Some Questions...

If any questions or comments remain, please contact: and we ask that you please allow 24-48 hours for a response!

Orlando, Florida

Where Are We Located?

ORLANDO, FLORIDA! Here at Bamboo My Baby, we design and manufacture our own products. Our bamboo is designed by our shop owner in Orlando, Florida, then the designs are sent to our manufacturer in China where they produce our products. From there, everything is shipped to our home-base in Orlando where we package everything ourselves and and deliver it to you!

Paola Rivera

Who Does The Photography?

Our shop owner photographs all of our products and models as she is a wedding, family & newborn photographer in the Orlando area! Check out her website if ever planning on visiting Orlando by searching:

Our Shop Owner

Who Picks The Designs?

Paola Rivera makes all of the final pattern decisions for all of the shop's bamboo pajamas! If you ever have any design ideas, please send us an email with your thoughts. All are taken into consideration!

Being Mindful...

Please be aware that Bamboo My Baby is currently operated by Paola Rivera alone. That being said, please be understanding that this is still a small, flourishing business! Like stated above, please allow for 24-48 hours for a response through Instagram DM's & emails! You will usually receive and immediate response, but there are times where there could be a delay. Please be patient! Loving all the support Bamboo My Baby is getting! Don't forget to follow our socials! @bamboomybaby on Instagram, Facebook & TikTok!